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MaxBright Deluxe 3 Mode LED Microlight

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Price: $4.95 4.9500
SKU: 01913


The MaxBright Deluxe microlight has an astonishing light output for a single LED! This is the brightest single-color microlight available. The field of light cast by this light is also considerably wider than most normal microlights. Each light features 3 selectable modes: fast flash, slow flash, and steady on. Sturdy, well-made build quality to ensure durability. Comes with a keychain attachment. Cases are made clear to also light up the case in dark places. Uses 2 replaceable CR2016 batteries.

Currently available in your choice of white, green, blue, red or blacklight purple LEDs. The White LED is a great item to keep on your keychain for security or emergency use. Please note the blacklight purple LED will appear somewhat less bright as part of the spectrum is in the UV range which is invisible to the human eye.

All MaxBright microlights are extremely bright and should not be looked at directly; in particular, the blacklight purple LED has UV qualities and should never be shown directly at an eye.

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