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Electric Halo Necklace

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Price: $7.50 7.5000
SKU: 01182

The still image above is an actual unedited camera shot of the Electric Halo. The chasing light is so fast that even a normal shutter-speed camera shot makes all the LEDs look "on" at once!

Sure, this Electric Halo Necklace can be worn around the neck, but we had all kinds of fun twisting and connecting multiple "necklaces" to create different wrap-around effects around arms, torsos, etc. Also looks great worn around the waist like a belt. The two ends of the Halo do not have to be joined (connected) for the Halo to light up, which allows for even more versatility. Each clear plastic tube contains multi-color LEDS that utilize fiber optics to chase the light effect through the tube. Each tube uses magnetic closures that can be connected end-to-end if desired, so you can play with multiple tubes to create your own unique costume. Each Electric Halo Necklace uses 3 easily-replaceable AG13 button cell batteries (included). The tubing is slightly under a 1/2" diameter.

Please note that while the Electric Halo Necklace is flexible, the tubing is somewhat thick and cannot be twisted or bent tightly- it is best used for costuming in larger body areas such as a torso, rather than smaller areas that require tight curves or bending.

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