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AG13/L1154/LR44 (single)

AG13/L1154/LR44 (single) - $0.75
Replacement batteries for Happy Camper and Rainbow Camper Light Sticks

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AG3/LR41 (single)

AG3/LR41 (single) - $0.75
The most common replacement battery for various mini flashing lights and body lights.

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AG7/395A (single)

AG7/395A (single) - $0.50
This is the replacement battery for our Decolite Micro LED's.

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CR2016 (single)

CR2016 (single) - $2.25
This battery is for the prewired LED gloves, Flashing Frisbee and various LED lights.

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CR2032 (single)

CR2032 (single) - $2.25
This battery is for some models of prewired LED Gloves and the Platube LED Shoelaces.

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CR927 (single)

CR927 (single) - $0.95
The CR927 is a long-lasting lithium battery used in our body lights, LED Rockstar Glasses, Spiral Glasses and the Flashing Braided Bracelets.

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Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)
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