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Flashing, blinking or just plain cool, we have the necklace to give you the grooviest look.

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Electric Halo Necklace

Electric Halo Necklace - $7.50
Much more than just a necklace, this versatile halo-shaped tube can be used in all kinds of creative costuming all over your body! Fast-chasing LEDs look like they are shooting through the halo.

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Fusion Reactor Necklace

Fusion Reactor Necklace - $7.50
Six ultra-bright LEDs encased behind a clear cover shoot patterns of light across the white surface of this necklace, dazzling you with a brilliant reaction that you won't believe!

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Giant Dollar Sign LED Necklace

Giant Dollar Sign LED Necklace - $3.95
Show off your major bling with this unmissable gigantic dollar sign hanging around your neck. Huge 5" size!

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Infinity Tunnel Necklace

Infinity Tunnel Necklace - $6.50
High-powered multicolor LEDs reflect off the inner mirrors to create a dazzling light show!

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LED Deluxe Beaded Necklace

LED Deluxe Beaded Necklace - $4.50
These classy LED Beads are the coolest light up jewelry for celebrations and events.

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Patriotic LED Chaser Necklace

Patriotic LED Chaser Necklace - $5.95
Multiple brilliant powerful LEDs in red, white, and blue flash various selections between various blink and chase modes.

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Prismatic Projection Ball Necklace

Prismatic Projection Ball Necklace - $8.95
Create a dazzling array of multicolor strobing light patterns all around you from this large 2.5" diameter faceted ball. While technically a necklace, you can also swing the big ball around on the attached laynyard and create your own personal club lightshow that you can cast onto everyone around you!

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Rainbow Flower LED Leis

Rainbow Flower LED Leis - $3.99
Rainbow Flower LED Leis are perfect for your tropical themed party, BBQ or luau.

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Tunnel Star Necklace

Tunnel Star Necklace - $4.95
The popular infinity tunnel mirror effect is enhanced through LEDs that shine through the translucent points of the star. 6 flashing, color-changing, and solid modes to choose from. Creates a cool never-ending trail of light that seems to go on forever within the mirror surface.

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Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products)
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