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Tri-Color Super Streetlights Lightstick

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Price: $9.50 9.5000
SKU: 00486 (tri)


These tri-color Super Streetlights are an amazing addition to the Streetlight product line. Super Streetlights are 7" long battery operated light sticks with predrilled holes at the end for attaching a cord. Spin them around like poi or use them in place of traditional glow sticks for dancing. Create striking visual effects with three modes: Steady on, chase, and strobe. Streetlight light sticks use easily replaceable batteries (included) and will run approximately ten hours on one battery set.

LED Light Stick Modes

  • Steady on (all three colors on)
  • Chasing (each color lights up sequentially)
  • Strobe (all colors on strobing)

Tri-Color Super Streetlights Lightstick FireTri-Color Super Streetlights Lightstick IceTri-Color Super Streetlights Lightstick Mardi Gras

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