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Ultra White 5-LED Cap Light

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Price: $7.95 7.9500
SKU: 01663

Light the way to the party scene with our Ultra White 5-LED Cap Light. High-Powered White LEDs are built in to provide extremely bright white light. These are the same LEDs that power those bright white headlights on newer cars; attach one to your cap, and you've got your own headlights pointing wherever you look! Designed to attach to the front of almost any baseball cap, this item will provide functional light to guide your way to the bar, the dancefloor, your golf ball or your car. Perfect for delivery drivers, warehouse clerks, hikers, and joggers too! Has selectable flashing and steady-on modes. The flashing mode looks amazing on the dancefloor! The Cap Light is even water resistant. Light uses 2 replaceable CR2032 batteries that are included and installed. The battery life is a very long-lasting 100+ hours in flashing mode before batteries need to be changed! The LEDs will last over 10,000 hours providing a lifetime of use.

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