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LED Gloves or Rave Gloves are perfect for showing off your skill at the club. Single color, multi color or color control LED Gloves - pick the perfect set for your needs and start dancing!

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ArcLite Simplicity Glove Set

ArcLite Simplicity Glove Set - $49.95
Affordable programmable glove set great for beginners or advanced users who value simplicity.

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Clear Microlight Diffuser

Clear Microlight Diffuser - $0.30
These diffusers fit on all our glove and microlights. Diffusers can give your lights a softer more scattered look

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Color Control Mitts LED Gloves (black pair)

Color Control Mitts LED Gloves (black pair) - $13.99
These mitts offer the ultimate in individualized color control, with completely separate controls at each finger tip which then can be set to any of 6 multicolor and single color modes! Hundreds of different light combinations create totally unique lightshows! Now available in our popular black glove variation, making the gloves invisible in the dark for a total focus on the LEDs.

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Cotton Candy LED Gloves

Cotton Candy LED Gloves - $29.95
This glove set is as sweet as it sounds. Each finger tip is individually controlled to create a Pink, White, Blue and Green treat. To make it even sweeter we added a 3 mode palm light.

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LightTracer Mitts Black LED Gloves (pair)

LightTracer Mitts Black LED Gloves (pair) - $11.99
A whole new realm of different light effects are at your fingertips with the six unique patterns in this variation of the multi-color LED glove. Designed to be even more hynotic with trail-tracing effects that are perfect for lightshows!

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Moonlight Mitts Multicolor Black LED Gloves (pair)

Moonlight Mitts Multicolor Black LED Gloves (pair) - $11.99
Freaking awesome black version of our popular Mystical Mitts. The new LED mitts use heavy black cotton/poly with white fingertips to hide dirt and make hands almost invisible in the dark. Each finger tip contains 3 color brilliant LEDs! Upgraded light control unit for superior durability and easier color mode changing!

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Mystical Mitts Multicolor LED Gloves (pair)

Mystical Mitts Multicolor LED Gloves (pair) - $11.99
With 15 LEDs in each glove capable of 6 modes, this is the ultimate way to let your hands do the talking! Great for performance use! Can be set to single colors or various multicolor modes!

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Rave Gloves Black (Glove only)

Rave Gloves Black (Glove only) - $1.99
One size fits all stretchy gloves for gloving lights.

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Stutta Strobe LED Gloves

Stutta Strobe LED Gloves - $29.95
It's all about the strobe effect with these LED gloves. Each finger has a 3 color strobe light with 3 modes.

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Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products)
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