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Fireflys Flashing Multicolor Valve Stem Lights

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Price: $4.99 4.9900
SKU: 11810

The Fireflys Flashing lights for your wheels are the next level of enhancement for your ride. These cool motion-activated valve stem lights rapidly strobe between the 3 colors to create a non-stop streak of red, green, and blue whenever your wheels are in motion, and turn off automatically whenever you come to a stop. The super-bright LED technology creates a spectacular light show as you cruise the streets. Fireflys Flashing Multicolor lights are the unique way to leave your mark on the night!

To activate your Valve Lights, unfasten & pull apart the metallic base. Remove the protective paper strip hiding between the batteries & the light. Re-fasten, then screw the piece into your tire's valve & ride!

Fireflys Flashing Bicycle lights each use 3 long-lasting AG-10 batteries. Fireflys are sold in a pack of 2 and are 2.5 inches long.

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