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Decolite Micro LED

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These custom-made, unique, reusable decorative micro LEDs have tons of possible uses. Each Decolite is an ultra-bright LED built directly onto a small light weight computer chip powered by a tiny button-cell battery beneath the chip. A button on the underside of the chip lets you switch between three modes: Fast Flash, Slow Flash, and Steady-On.

Let your creativity run wild! Use Decolites for costuming purposes or to create your own unique party toys. Stick them in vases or planters for a cool decorative effect. Stick them on your dashboard or bicycle and get your ride noticed (check the legality of using lights in motion in your area before use.) Set designers will love these lights as they can be incorporated almost anywhere! Use your imagination at all the possible ways this light can be integrated into almost any project. Each Decolite even comes with an attached (removable) string so you can stick them in hard-to-reach places and still retrivve the light easily.

Another unique way to use the Decolites is to stick one inside a latex balloon. At night, the LED makes the whole balloon light up brilliantly creating a huge orb of light. To use inside a balloon, first activate the LED, then stick the decolite into a balloon with the decolite's string hanging out. Inflate the balloon and tie it or use a balloon clip. For safety reasons, be sure not to remove the string as it keeps the LED from being expelled if the balloon pops.

The Decolite Micro LEDs are powered by a single LR927 (AG7) battery. Batteries are installed and easily replaceable. Each tiny decolite is a miniscule 7/8" (2.25cm) diameter (approx).

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