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Color Control Mitts LED Gloves (black pair)

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Price: $13.99 13.9900
SKU: 02015-0100

The Color Control LED Mitts offer the ultimate in individualized control of your lightshow, with each finger tip having its own selectable 6-mode light control, while remaining as flat and comfortable as other simpler LED gloves. The black version of these gloves enhances the lightshow by making the glove almost invisible in the dark so the focus is completely on the LEDs. The black color also hides dirt better.

Press the flat button at each tip to change between the following modes for each finger tip:
1) Tri-color Red/Green/Blue strobe
2) 7-color Rainbow morph
3) Tri-color Red/Green/Blue all constant on
4) Flashing Red
5) Flashing Green
6) Flashing Blue
HUNDREDS of different light-up combinations are possible by setting each finger tip to different modes. Depending on the modes selected, the gloves in motion will create multicolor or single color dashes, dots, or continuous color trails. Have the most unique, individualized lightshows at any event with these mitts! Each individual tip can also be turned on or off separate from the other finger tips. Large 1" light-up segments at each tip create bigger color trails than normal LED gloves.

Each pair of stretchy, comfortable black gloves with white tips is one-size-fits-most adults and teens. Gloves measure approx. 9" from bottom to tip of middle finger. Finger tip pressure-sensitive flat buttons are individually activated, plus a master switch hidden inside the wrist portion allows you to quickly turn off the glove lights completely. Each glove uses 2 replaceable CR2032 batteries (included). We highly recommend measuring your hands before purchase to ensure proper fit, as gloves are not returnable once opened unless defective.

Gloves should not be washed to avoid damage to the electronic components. Wipe clean only.

Special Return Policy: The manufacturer strictly will not accept returns of gloves that are worn or dirty. When you receive your gloves, please immediately check their functionality prior to wearing them or trying them on. Please notify us of any problems with the gloves within 7 days of your package's delivery. Per manufacturer policy, no returns or exchanges can be accepted for gloves with any signs of wear or dirt, or returned without the protective packaging or after 7 days.

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