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3 Meter Chasing EL Wire

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Price: $16.99 16.9900
SKU: 01190-3


The 3 Meter Chasing EL Wire has an astonishing light-chase effect that looks like a coiled ribbon of light is continuously surging through the wire. The non-stop flowing vortex of light makes this very different from all other EL wires. This unique, flexible, cool-to-the-touch wire is perfect for costuming and decor use.

The adjustable speed inverter (included) has a dial that lets you select the speed you desire. Click the button to change direction of the flowing wire or make it have a steady on effect.

Available in 5 colors: blue, transparent blue, lemon, red and purple. The transparent blue wire is clear when unlit, giving a unique dual-tone effect of looking like segments of light chasing through clear wire.

The 3 meter (9.8 ft) Electro Motion Light Chasing EL Wire is a smaller 2.3mm diameter than our 6 1/2 ft El Wire giving it a crisper appearance. The power pack measures approx. 3.5" long. Uses 2 replaceable AA batteries (not included).

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