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6" Glowsticks (12 pack) in bulk packaging to save you money | Dream Rave
Dream Rave

6" Glowsticks - Bulk (12 pack)

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Price: $9.75 9.7500
SKU: 00005-9999

If you're a partier and want to rave all weekend long or want to share your glowsticks with a bunch of friends, these are perfect for you. Only 83 cents each and lasts 4-5 hours each. Comes with a hook end for stringing. Available in blue, pink, green, pale white (has bluish tint) - you will get a mix of at least 3 of the 4 colors.

These glowsticks do not come individually wrapped, so you must keep them away from heat and bright light until you're ready to party. Not recommended for long-term storage.

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