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Flowlight Light Stick

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Go with the flow! Flowlight LED Light Sticks are a little light stick jam packed with goodness. Each light stick has 3 ultra bright LED's, 11 modes, 2 brightness settings and a range of breathtaking colors schemes. Use Flowlights for poi, juggling or dancing. You can even clip the Flowlight to your backpack, clothing or bicycle for outdoor safety and fun.

Flowlights are approximately 5.125 inches long and .625 inches in diameter. Each light stick is powered by one AAA battery (not included) and has a runtime of 8 hours in most modes. In the super bright mode runtime is normally 4 hours. A low light indicator will tell you when it is time to replace your batteries.


  1. Breathe - peaceful glow: slowly fades in and out like the breath of a human at rest
  2. Bliss - mesmerizing: each LED fades independently at ever changing rates
  3. Bold - bold: all LEDs on full power, very useful but shortens battery life
  4. Beat - solid strobe effect: only visible during movement
  5. Beacon - pulsing: like the heart rate of a person at peace; good for bikes at night
  6. Bling - vivid alternating strobe: colors alternate for an eye-catching visual effect
  7. Beads - subtle alternating strobe: colors blend alternately like beaded jewelry
  8. Blaze - blazing trails: pulsed 3-D effect resembling comets blazing across the night sky
  9. Bounce - delightful alternation: lights appear to bounce up and down in the air
  10. Booyah! - complex effects: strobing, bouncing, alternating, blending...we threw it all in there!
  11. Bounty - variety/demo mode: cycles through Bliss, Bold, Beat, Bling, Beads, Blaze, Bounce and Booyah! mode

Color Schemes

  • Water - striking: blue / white / sea green
  • Fire - warm: orange / red / yellow
  • Nebula - galactic: purple / orange / blue
  • Spectrum - epic rainbow: red / orange / blue / purple / aquamarine / green

Flowlight Nebula Flowlight Spectrum Flowlight Water

Flowlight Breathe Mode Flowlight Bliss Mode Flowlight Bold Mode Flowlight Beat Mode Flowlight Beacon Mode Flowlight Bling Mode Flowlight Beads Mode Flowlight Blaze Mode Flowlight Bounce Mode Flowlight Booyah! Mode

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