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Gear for all your Club & Party needs. That's right - all the Light Sticks, LED Rave Gloves, LED Lights, Rave Toys, EL Wires, EL Shirts and other Glowing items you have been looking for all in one place. Perfect for your rave, dance or theatrical needs. Add a touch of light to all your performances and you'll be the star of the show!

Hot Products
Pocket Plasma Clip-On

Pocket Plasma Clip-On - $17.99
A touch and sound sensitive plasma disc that is small enough to clip onto anything!

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Star Galaxy Multibeam Green Laser Pointer

Star Galaxy Multibeam Green Laser Pointer - $29.95
Way beyond other green lasers! This pointer creates a galaxy of stars where ever you point it.

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Rainbow Programmable Poi Ball

Rainbow Programmable Poi Ball - $7.95
With 8 modes and 6 selectable colors this poi ball is a rainbow of fun!

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3 Meter Chasing EL Wire

3 Meter Chasing EL Wire - $16.99
The 3 meter Chasing EL Wire now has an same astonishing light-chase effect that looks like a coiled ribbon of light is continuously surging through the wire. Available in 5 colors.

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Shoe Sparkz LED Lights

Shoe Sparkz LED Lights - $4.99
Move to the groove and watch these LED Shoe Sparkz light up the dance floor! Available in Red, Blue, Green or White.

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Color Control Mitts LED Gloves (black pair)

Color Control Mitts LED Gloves (black pair) - $18.89
These mitts offer the ultimate in individualized color control, with completely separate controls at each finger tip which then can be set to any of 6 multicolor and single color modes! Hundreds of different light combinations create totally unique lightshows! Now available in our popular black glove variation, making the gloves invisible in the dark for a total focus on the LEDs.

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Featured Products
LED Gloves from Dream Rave Color Control Mitts LED Gloves (white pair)
Mystical Mitts Multicolor LED Gloves (pair)
LightTracer Mitts Black LED Gloves (pair)
LED Gloves are a great way to create your own light show. Bright LED lights in the fingertips will show off your skills as you move to the groove.

Just getting started? No problem - choose a LED Glove style with a single easy to use controller button to quickly select one of over 6 light modes.

Ready for more? Try one of the Color Control LED Gloves that gives you complete control over each individual light and let your fingers do the talking.

Going Pro? Design your own LED Gloves with your choice of high quality Gluvmax microlights and you'll be ready to rock!
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