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Digital Glow Sticks

Digital Glow Sticks are battery operated LED light sticks. Great for clubs, raves, camping and stadium events. You can attach the LED Light Sticks to a lanyard or string and swing them around to create stunning effects.

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Flowlight Light Stick

Flowlight Light Stick - $19.99
3 ultra bright LED's, 11 modes, 2 brightness settings and a range of breathtaking colors schemes.

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Happy Camper Light Stick

Happy Camper Light Stick - $4.25
You too will be a happy camper with these high quality, reusable, LED Lightsticks. This should be a core item for any clubber: a battery-operated glow stick! Looks just like a glow stick in the dark, but reusable over and over.

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Rainbow Camper LED Light Stick

Rainbow Camper LED Light Stick - $5.95
With this multi-mode LED Light Stick you can cycle through 6 different colorful modes that allow for an endless number of uses. Great for light shows or mood lighting.

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Streetlight Max Color-Changing RGB

Streetlight Max Color-Changing RGB - $16.95
The ultimate streetlight is here after years of development! Multiple color-changing modes create a rainbow of awesome effects that take streetlights to a whole new level of fun.

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Streetlights Lightstick

Streetlights Lightstick - $8.50
Streetlights are battery operated LED light sticks. Basically a battery-powered glow stick!

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Super Streetlights Lightstick

Super Streetlights Lightstick - $9.50
Super Streetlights are battery-powered light sticks. Use them for safety, camping or light shows. Available in green, white or blue!

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Tri-Color Super Streetlights Lightstick

Tri-Color Super Streetlights Lightstick - $9.50
LED light sticks available in THREE color combos! The incredibly popular super streetlights are come in 3 amazing tri-color combinations! Choose Firestick, Mardi Gras, or Ice styles!

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products)
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