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Ultra Thin Micro LED (pair)

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Price: $3.90 3.9000
SKU: 01859


These small, lightweight, bright, long-lasting, ultra-thin LED lights have 3 modes: fast flash, slow flash, and steady-on, and can be used in hundreds of ways for creative people in need of a wafer-thin LED light. Here are just a few examples:

1) Accent Lights - These lights will go practically anywhere to provide attractive points of light in a room.
2) Crystal or Drink Lights - Light up crystal figurines or a drink glass with these thin lights that slide easily beneath practically any piece, and the effect is amazing.
3) Costume Decoration - Attach these lightweight pieces to a costume or hat to make a lighting effect that will blow people's minds.
4) Gloves - Put an ultra-thin micro LED into each finger of a translucent or white glove and turn your hands into a light show.

Each package contains ONE PAIR of lights in a single color. Each micro LED unit measures 1.75" x .75" and is essentially wafer-thin. A pressure sensitive button is used to change between the 3 modes. The super thin battery is pre-attached and cannot be replaced. Run time is 12+ hours.

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