Dream Rave

Psychedelic Strobe Prism Wand

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Price: $8.95 8.9500
SKU: 01958

The psychedelic strobe prism wand has 6 LEDs which create a dazzling mirror ball-like pattern onto any surface. Has 3 selectable modes: an ultra-fast flicker mode that lights up all the lights at once in a rapid strobe, a disco strobe mode where the light pattern seems always in rapid motion, and a slower normal flashing motion mode. Hold this up to any wall to create an amazing display, or use it on a dancefloor to project a psychedelic light show onto all the people around you. The large 3.5" diameter ball projects a nice wide light pattern area. The wand is 7.5" long and comes with 3 AAA batteries included (and replaceable).

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